Prenatal Educational classes

Prenatal educational classes are a great way to prepare yourself not only for your labour, but the last stages of your pregnancy, delivery options, newborn care and will help you make informed decisions.

The prenatal classes will run over a 4 week period, with 1 class per week of approximately 90 minutes.
Classes can either be done in a group environment or individually.

Topics covered are:
Natural birth vs caesarean
Methods of feeding, storage of expressed breastmilk, sterilising bottles etc.
Signs of labour (including danger signs) and what to expect when labour begins
Expectations for your newborn and newborn care
Pain management (natural techniques, medication options and side effects)
Your pregnancy from conception to full term and what to expect throughout

Information evenings will be offered twice per month, where we will discuss some of these topics, as well as other information regarding pregnancy, childbirth, hospital stay and what to expect from giving birth in Paris! These event dates you will find at the following link:

Paris mums and mums to be!

Paris, FR
685 Mums

This group is for mums and mums to be. Let’s meet for coffee, playdates and create a supporting environment for one another as expats!Please let me know if you are more inter…

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